Aileen Kennedy

Supporting your journey into motherhood

Becoming a mother is the biggest transformation a woman can go through in her life.

Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood is a time of growth and expansion, and for many a very challenging time. There is really very little emotional support offered to women to navigate this transition in life which can result in feelings of anxiety, stress and loneliness. We don’t just ‘bounce’ back after birth, we grow way beyond what you could imagine. 

So this is why I do what I do – supporting you as you become ‘a mother-you’.

My mission

Is to help you thrive and glow by supporting you body, mind and heart. From pregnancy, to birth to being a mother I have created and learned a variety of methods to help you. What is key is being connected to yourself, your body and becoming aware of your emotions and beliefs. Because with this connection you can go through pretty much anything and stay joyful and in balance. 

A life changing childbirth education class preparing you for birth and parenting- together.

Relaxation massage for pregnancy and new mothers

Emotional and physical support before, during and after birth.


Supporting in you, during pregnancy, after birth and as you land into being a mother.


I'm here to support you in your journey into motherhood

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