I’m an intuitive and sensitive person with a curious and analytical mind. I have always felt strongly connected to my body and my hands. Becoming a mother made me realize I wanted to support other women and families in the making in various ways.

During my first pregnancy I was training to become a mindfulness teacher, next to my work as a psychologist. It was after my first daughter’s birth that I realized that the transition into parenthood was a time where many need support. I also learned during birth that a trained mind (in mindfulness, being with what is moment by moment) really had a positive impact on my birth experience and coping with pain. Having a positive birth experience, I experienced is empowering, the effects last for a long time. I felt a strong urge to want to share this with other women and came across Mindful Birthing and Parenting (MBCP) through my midwife.

From the first moment I knew about Mindful Birthing and Parenting I felt I had to share this with expectant couples. These same mindfulness skills supported me through the birth of our second daughter. Here I experienced how a traumatic birth also has long lasting effects. I feel that having had two completely different birth experiences helps me in supporting all women. After I became a mother I felt the need to create some form of support for women who are new to motherhood. And now I am offering these three tools to others: Women’s Coaching, Mindfulness and Mindful Birthing and Parenting courses. In support of this work have become a Doula (read here what a Doula is).

I grew up in the Alps and have been living in Amsterdam since I was a child. This base not only gave me a great appreciation for nature but also for languages and a broader sense of cultural understanding. I’m in my 30’s, I have two daughters and live in Amsterdam. I’m passionate about delicious food, dancing, yoga and travelling.

I studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. During the years I have also followed a Shiatsu course and a Thai Massage course (In Thailand) and an Ayuverdic massage course in India. For a couple of years, I co-created a coaching company with three other therapists. After my travels, I worked for a year offering therapy focused on MBCT (mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy).

Hereafter I worked for 6 years at a clinic as a psychologist mainly working with Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). During these 6 years I also graduated from a post-doc study called the GZ-opleiding, the ‘next level’ training in the Netherlands to work in the healthcare system. During my first pregnancy I became a Mindfulness Trainer (See True) which I also offered at my work to clients.

After the birth of my first daughter I came in touch with Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (MBCP), a Mindfulness training designed by Nancy Bardacke for expectant couples. MBCP made so much sense to me I fell in love with it. This past year I have been further training myself in understanding better labor pain, pregnancy massage and finnished my training to be a registered Doula.

  • University degree in Clinical Psychology, cum laude (University of Amsterdam)
  • GZ-Psycholoog degree (Big-registration)
  • Certification as Mindfulness instructor (MBSR level 1 See true)
  • Certificate of teacher in Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting Program (trained by Nancy Bardacke)
  • Certified Doula (JJ /BiaDoula)
  • Course in pregnancy massage (Embracing birth)
  • Course in course Baringspijn (labor pain, by Ben van Cranenburgh and Irena Veringa)
  • Course in Shiatsu massage
  • Course in Ayurvedic massage (Ayurveda yoga retreat India)
  • Course in Thai massage (In Thailand)
  • Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Program week retreat with Nancy Bardacke 2016
  • Mind in Labor weekend course with Nancy Bardacke (MBCP Brussels and Paris)
  • Intensive Weekend Workshops in Yoga: Teressa Caldas, Orit Sen Gupta, Aadil Palkhivala
    Registered in the VVM (Vereniging voor Mindfulness)
  • Spinning Babies Workshop (Jennifer Walker)
  • Workshop in Postpartum and pregnancy loss massage (Embracing Birth)