Mothers Coaching

After birth, a new baby is born and as well as a mother. Even though your grow into a mother during pregnancy, you develop into motherhood further in the months that follow after birth (and continue to develop for the rest of your life!). Motherhood teaches us many lessons on acceptance, endurance, strength and love. 
And invites us to become better at self-compassion, letting go of perfectionism and trusting our own intuition.




Having support and guidance in learning these lessons has a huge impact on how early motherhood is experienced.
Your challenges are your own but so many of them are universal. Motherhood is an invitation to grow, not to magically bounce back to who you were before. Shall I support you?






What are the benefits?

The sessions usually have three ingredients: mindfulness, coaching and massage. These ingredients help you to connect to yourself. To your breath, your body and your emotions and thoughts. By becoming more connected to yourself its easier to relax, to let go and to know what is right for you. I guide you, encourage you and help you express yourself. I help you discover things about yourself and offer practical advice for increasing your sense of wellbeing and self-care.

For who?

For all mothers, whether you are feeling great and had an empowering birth or whether you are struggling with adjusting, had an intense (or traumatic) birth experience and feel totally lost.
You may experience one of the below: (these are just examples- you may experience other feelings or situations that I can support).

  • I feel like I want to process my (amazing/ traumatic) birth experience with someone skilled to do so. 
  • I want to enjoy being a mother more
  • I worry a lot about being a mother, others seem better at this
  • My relationship with my partner has changed
  • I don’t feel like myself- my body is changing so much!
  • I’m unsure when and how to go back to work
  • I’m feeling overwhelmed
  • Where is the pink could? I expected this to be easier. 
  • How do I manage my own energy levels?

The sessions


The first 30 minutes consultancy session on Skype is free.

60 minutes session € 75

90 minutes session € 95


Then you can book up to 2 sessions- after this I only offer a package called: ‘Landing into motherhood’, A coaching package for that first year of motherhood.

Landing into motherhood Package




A coaching package for that first year of motherhood. It includes 6 sessions, planned when you want or need, anytime after birth until your baby’s first birthday.


1. Restoration: A (postpartum) massage

2. Birth story listening/ processing

3. Your body (acceptance, adjustment, getting back into moving, rest)


4. Relationships (partner, parents, in laws, friends)
5. Work (getting back to work, when, how, pumping)
6. I’m a mother! (how am I doing? Reflection on past months, looking ahead).

Book your FREE 30 min consultancy on Skype

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