Pregnancy Coaching

Are you feeling anxious about birth and becoming a mother? Do you feel like you would like to feel more connected to being pregnant? Are you often in your head and miles away from your body?

Being present in the body helps relax during pregnancy and birth.


During the sessions I will teach you how to deal with feelings of isolation, fear and physical discomfort during pregnancy alone. If you want to be supported in your journey into motherhood. Contact me for a free chat to see if we are a match! 




What are the benefits?

The sessions usually have three ingredients: mindfulness, coaching and massage. These ingredients help you to connect to yourself. To your breath, your body and your emotions and thoughts. By becoming more connected to yourself its easier to relax, to let go and to know what is right for you. I guide you, encourage you and help you express yourself. I help you discover things about yourself and offer practical advice for increasing your sense of wellbeing and self-care.

For who?

For all women who are pregnant (and also those ready to become pregnant). You may recognize yourself in one of the experiences below. (these are just examples- you may experience other feelings or situations that I can support) 

  • Feeling anxious about giving birth

  • Feeling tired or depleted

  • Not feeling your ‘normal’ self

  • Wanting to become more conscious of being pregnant

  • Wanting to explore what being pregnant and becoming a mother means to you

  • Feeling overwhelmed about becoming a mother

  • Fear of losing this pregnancy or something ‘going wrong’. 

  • Wondering where the pink cloud is- feeling blue/alone. 

The sessions

The first 30 minutes consultancy session on Skype is free.

60 minutes sessions € 75

90 minutes sessions € 90

You can book up to 2 sessions- after this I offer a package called: ‘Gliding into motherhood’. A coaching package during pregnancy.

I’m also a certified Doula, if you are interested in my services please get in touch.

Gliding into Motherhood Package

It includes 4 sessions, planned when you want or need anytime during pregnancy as early as the first trimester.

The 4 sessions are focussed on these themes:

  1. Relaxation: A 90 minute prenatal massage

  2. Preparing for birth mentally & emotionally, dealing with fears, discovering what can support you.
  3. Your body (acceptance, adjustment, energy levels, discomfort, including hormones and brain changes)

  4. Exploring what becoming a mother means to you and your life

Book your FREE 30 consultancy on Skype

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